Greening – New Packaging!

I’m so grateful for returning clients here at Love HeadquartersThank you!

If you’ve purchased from me before, you may notice something different with your next order. Namely, I’ve eliminated boxes from my packaging and upgraded to a less disposable pouch.

There are two main reasons for this; this makes shipping multiple mala in one box much easier (and I promise just as safe for your precious new mala), and more important to me – it’s just a lot less wasteful.

I love receiving packages, whether they contain sparkling jewels, precious oils, or even once a fern! At the same time, my heart breaks when I throw away packaging, plastic or paper, it’s just so wasteful. I’m committed to reducing my impact as much as possible.

Right now this means that I don’t want to provide bulky boxes to people, I’ve heard from too many that they throw the box away. Instead, I’d rather provide a pouch that your piece can live in or can be repurposed or used as gift wrap. I hope you do find use for these pouches!

To begin I am experimenting with fabric and color and will be landing on a signature style soon enough. I always welcome your thoughts and feedback! Leave me a comment or email elizabeth [at]!

I’m still Inspired!

The Inspired Collection was one of the greatest ideas I’ve brought to Love by E. It’s a way for me to honor strong women, the women who keep me going in one way or another when I need to be uplifted; sometimes when I need to be straight carried through.

In 2015 I launched Inspired with malas codesigned with 9 teachers who were mentors and role models to me as a Yogi. Many of you reading this may have discovered me through one of these wonderful women who mean so much to me. The first Inspired Collection was a huge success!

Next month I am relaunching Inspired with some of these mentors as well as many new amazing women that I just can’t WAIT to introduce you to. Each has come up with a sweet and thoughtful mala with me, and in a few weeks I’ll be showing you what I’m up to! Make sure you’re on my email list if you want to be the first to know!

In the meantime… There are only three designs still in stock from the first Inspired Collection! These are actually some of the best selling pieces, the Purpose Mala, the Connection Mala, and the Earth Three Quarter Mala. I simply happen to have a few supplies left for these! There are only one or two of each design, and they are deeply discounted while they last. See these beauties and purchase here.

And take a moment to comment below and tell me who or what you are inspired by!!

So much love,


Are you thinking holiday yet?

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September always used to seem like way too soon to be thinking about holiday, until I started Love by E! The last few months of the year have become a beautiful whirlwind at Love headquarters. I know we all want to avoid holiday overwhelm, whether it’s in our professional or personal lives. So, this year I’m doing things a bit differently and it will make it easier for you to shop Love this holiday for friends and family, or for yourself!

I’ll be producing lots of pieces between now and the end of the year and updating the shop weekly. Check in to see what’s new as many of the mala I’ll be making will be unique designs that may not be repeatable if your favorite sells. Of course, feel free to reach out if you miss a piece and I’ll work with you to create something inspired by that design just for you.

Self Love Mala Available Now
Soft Heart Mala Available 09/22
Soft Heart Mala Available 09/22

Custom mala make such a thoughtful and special gift for the women in your life, and I am honored each time someone trusts me to create such a heartfelt gift. If you’re thinking of giving a custom mala as a gift this year there is no time too soon. As the season gets busier custom orders may take longer to process and create. I will always do my best to help you meet your deadline, but I can’t guarantee timing on orders placed with less then 3 weeks window. Let’s work together to leave lots of space and ease in the process.

Enjoy this transitional season as summer turns to fall and we have a chance to refresh and set our intentions anew.


Inspired by :: Jean Koerner

I met Jean Koerner when I was 18 years old. It was my first day of 200 hour teacher training in 2006. I had signed up for training based on Alan Finger’s good reputation and a few Google searches, but had never met Jean before.

To say I was inspired is an understatement. I was in love.


I continued on to study with Jean in my 300 Hour teacher training and chose her to be my mentor. Even now, ten years later, Jean is an amazing mentor. I know that I can reach out to her at any time, and that she offers this kind support to any of her students.

Jean’s teachings have shaped me as a teacher, but also as a woman. Her elegance and clarity are something I still emulate to this day. Jean is creative and loving, in fact, she has her own gorgeous line of jewelry, Gems that Heal.

Our common passions have made us close as student and mentor, as well as friends. Her energy feeds me every time I am lucky enough to be in her presence. I am beyond grateful to know her.


Together, Jean and I designed the Awareness Mala. A lovely 108 bead mala made with Cape Amethyst, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz and Rose Gold Plated details. Strung on deep purple silk with a handmade silk tassel, this mala will connect you to your Third Eye Chakra as well as your feminine grace.

The Awareness Mala was inspired by the awareness Jean cultivates as a teacher. Her practices take you into your own body with clarity and kindness.

whisper preview!



Here’s a preview of what’s coming in a few weeks. Summer demands space to breathe. Sweet little beads, precious stones, lots of love and freedom in these delicate whispers.

the power of mantra

These days the percentage of yoga classes that include mantra is rather small. In fact, fewer and fewer yoga classes are using the Sanskrit names of asana(yoga postures), or any Sanskrit at all. Personally, I’m okay with that. I prescribe to the theory that the more people in the world who are introduced to yoga, the better the world will be. And even an introduction to completely physical, American-ized yoga in a noisy gym is an introduction that leads many students to discover the history, tradition, and science behind the practice. Many wonderful teachers took their first yoga class in a gym.

With that said, I also love the traditional aspects of yoga. My idea of vacation includes bringing a couple of anatomy books and a 1,000 page reference book about the Chakras. (Yes, that was what was packed in my Omega suitcase and I was happy all week). My teaching comes from my study of the energy body and physical body alike, and my practice revolves around the alignment between these parts of Self.

What I love about mantra is that it bridges the gap between our physical and energetic bodies, as does the breath. I’ve spent a little time (and really, far less than I’d like) studying with Manorama, a renowned Sanskrit scholar and lovely woman. She taught me that Sanskrit is a language that was built around vibration, and the vibrations of Sanskrit words are intended to affect us both physically and energetically. It’s my experience that when I chant I am connecting with different parts of my body and I’m also feeling a change in mood and in my energy, as in other forms of meditation.

a 108 bead mala from Love by E

Traditionally, Mantras are chanted in sets of 9, or multiples of 9, with the most popular variations being 9, 21, 27, 54 and 108. This is where mala beads get their 108 beads from. Malas have been used in many cultures for millennia to count recitations of a mantra, and it’s said that if you practice this way with regularity and devotion, your mala will absorb the power of the mantra. Many people still use mala for their intended purpose, while countless others have adopted a practice of wearing a mala as a spiritual reminder or for their beauty.

You can also chant mantra without mala, counting on your fingers to track the number of times you have chanted. You can learn mantra in class, by asking a teacher, even through popular yoga music or online. The traditional way to find your mantra is to find a teacher trained in this kind of meditation, through your study with them you will receive a personal mantra meant to work with your energy.

If you are not experienced in this kind of meditation, one easy way to introduce yourself to mantra is to start with the Western version, affirmations. An affirmation is a positive statement that you repeat to help you manifest your goals, or remind you of your worth, etc. You can choose your own affirmation and set reminders to yourself to say it aloud throughout the day, or sit in meditation repeating this phrase silently. Gabby Bernstein is one wonderful teacher who uses both affirmation and mantra in her work, and I highly recommend her books. If this is a practice that resonates with you, you may want to learn more about mantra and the rich tradition of chanting in Sanskrit.

My knowledge of this tradition is limited, but I practice mantra meditation daily for a few months now and have found it to be an amazing method with many benefits. Are you interested in learning more? Do you have personal experience with Sanskrit mantra or affirmations? Continue this conversation, leave a comment below.


I want to take a moment just to say thank you to everyone who has been visiting this page, those of you who have sent me feedback and love, and those of you who have silently visited and browsed without my ever knowing.

This project started mostly as an experiment in creativity and sheerly out of my love for making mala. I’m humbled and so grateful that less than a week after launching Love, a third of my pieces have sold.

Whether you have purchased, shared or just silently gazed, thank you for your presence. We are building beautiful energy around ourselves, and it is my honor that this energy has been shared with Love by E.

I am busy here planning and re-planning our next collection, Whispers. You can expect pieces that are lighter and more delicate, meant to adorn like dewdrops over soft summer dresses.



Do you have a different vision? I am happy to work with you to design something exactly as you see it. Contact me about custom work.

Many happy May days to you and yours.