spiritual threads mala sandalwood with gold and grey


A simple and lightweight mala handcrafted with love. A blend of young and old Sandalwood (lighter and darker tones) with an incredible smell. Gold Filled accent beads are scattered throughout this unique and special mala.

The Spiritual Threads Mala are knotted on hand dyed cotton, dyed with plant based dyes and minerals.

These wooden mala with cotton tassels are very durable, and the cotton tassels in time “bloom.”

Colors may change or fade in water or prolonged direct sunlight.

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The Spiritual Threads Mala is strung and knotted on my very special hand dyed cotton. This lightweight and durable thread is dyed in small batches with plant-based dyes and organic minerals to shift the ph of the kettle. This means that each batch of thread is unique and the colors can not be duplicated precisely. This makes each Spiritual Threads Mala a simple work of art to adorn you for years to come.


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