crystal quartz necklace


These wire wrapped Crystal Necklaces are each unique and can not be duplicated exactly but I am always happy to find a specific crystal for you and create something just for you! Pricing is determined by the cost of the crystals as well as the high quality metals used.

Crystal Quartz is clarifying and protecting. It can be attuned with any intention and used to hold the energy of any other stone. Some say it does not need to be cleansed but I do think ritual cleansing is beneficial to this stone (such as burning herbs or leaving in the moonlight.) This necklace features a small and very clear piece of quartz.

Handmade with gold filled wire and findings. Toggle closure. Approximately 20″ long.

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One of a Kind Love by E Mala and Necklaces are inspired by yogic teachings, the natural beauty of the gemstones, and their vibrational properties. The balance of the aesthetics as well as the energetic balance of the piece are considered. Every mala comes with one year of repairs included. If breaks occur in this first year contact me to arrange a repair.


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