hand dyed wood buddhist knot mala purple


Hand dyed White Wood beads are dyed here at Love Headquarters with tannins and iron for a cool charcoal that will last. These unique beads are finished with a blend of jojoba and essential oils to restore their velvety luster. In time they may appear dry and rubbing a few drops of oil into them will condition them and return their original finish.

materials :: hand dyed white wood, rosewood guru bead, cotton cord

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These traditional Buddhist mala are made with various wooden beads and strung on cotton cord. They are simple yet elegant and timeless. Used for thousands of years for meditation, these beads will soften and wear under your hand giving your mala a velvety finish as you use it.

Finished with a Chinese endless knot, an ancient symbol of the flowing of Time and the movement of your life, it represents the eternal mysteries and is one of the Eight Auspicious Buddhist Symbols.

Each mala is handmade, as are these knots, and each is just a bit different making your mala uniquely yours. Customization is available upon request.


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