energy and precision mala


Picasso Jasper and Red Lightning Agate are blended in this beautiful mala featuring a lovely Silver Buddha pendant and a large Moonstone marker at the back of the neck. at the place of the 54th bead when counting from either side. Deep Labradorite accents bring vibrancy to the aesthetic of this mala as well as the energy of the wearer.

Perfect for those seeking to feel the strength of their body, to bring comfort and stability during transformation and to remind you of your steadiness. For precision and for clarity of the logical mind. Wear it during times that are physically or mentally taxing.

materials :: picasso jasper, red lightning agate, labradorite, moonstone, brass buddha pendant

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One of a Kind Love by E Mala are inspired by yogic teachings, the natural beauty of the gemstones, and their vibrational properties. The balance of the aesthetics as well as the energetic balance of the piece are considered. Every mala comes with one year of repairs included. If breaks occur in this first year contact me to arrange a repair.


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