crown chakra necklace

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Open your Crown Chakra for divine inspiration, higher knowing, creativity and psychic connection. This gorgeous necklace of creamy moonstone and sparkling white sapphire connects straight to Sahasrara (the Crown). This is a necklace to be worn when you are really ready for transformation and another chapter. Can be worn as a choker as the length is fully customizable but can also hang below collarbones when worn long.

This necklace is handmade with gold filled wire and chain as well as all gold filled closures and findings. Adjustable length to customize your wear.

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One of a Kind Love by E Mala and Necklaces are inspired by yogic teachings, the natural beauty of the gemstones, and their vibrational properties. The balance of the aesthetics as well as the energetic balance of the piece are considered. Every mala comes with one year of repairs included. If breaks occur in this first year contact me to arrange a repair.


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