Greening – New Packaging!

I’m so grateful for returning clients here at Love HeadquartersThank you!

If you’ve purchased from me before, you may notice something different with your next order. Namely, I’ve eliminated boxes from my packaging and upgraded to a less disposable pouch.

There are two main reasons for this; this makes shipping multiple mala in one box much easier (and I promise just as safe for your precious new mala), and more important to me – it’s just a lot less wasteful.

I love receiving packages, whether they contain sparkling jewels, precious oils, or even once a fern! At the same time, my heart breaks when I throw away packaging, plastic or paper, it’s just so wasteful. I’m committed to reducing my impact as much as possible.

Right now this means that I don’t want to provide bulky boxes to people, I’ve heard from too many that they throw the box away. Instead, I’d rather provide a pouch that your piece can live in or can be repurposed or used as gift wrap. I hope you do find use for these pouches!

To begin I am experimenting with fabric and color and will be landing on a signature style soon enough. I always welcome your thoughts and feedback! Leave me a comment or email elizabeth [at]!

Happy Birthday Love by E!

Today is a special day to me every year, it feels personal but it also reminds me of so many special people besides myself who make my business possible and who support me in all of my endeavors.

I’ve been quiet lately on this site, but it’s not for any lack of love for this business. The past year has been one of the most important in my life so far and there have been so many transitions and transformations in my life and in my work, it has required deep introspection and some quiet. I’ve had to conserve my energy and my words and even now I’m in the midst of some of this very personal work.

When I moved back to Brooklyn in February of 2017 I had a very careful plan that allowed me to feel safe making this move. In essence, I would change some things about my life that I knew would make me much happier, and I would still play it safe by keeping my life as a yoga teacher the same. The hard truth is that I wasn’t happy with my work life when I made this choice but  I felt safe and I thought that was more important.

As I said, Love by E’s birthday is an important day for me that represents my own independence, my strengths as a craftswoman, this day reminds me of my ability to sustain myself. Last year on this day, after feeling pushed, I made a sudden change to my teaching schedule and sacrificed the safety that I had in the hopes of something better.

This year was one of the hardest. Love by E, my beautiful growing business did carry me through some dark moments. So did an incredible support network of family and friends, my very special man, and several new communities that I’ve been privileged to join since returning home.

I feel stronger than ever before, and also finally stable again, as much as any yoga teacher and jewelry maker ever does. I’m so so grateful for the students that engage with me in private yoga and are making amazing transformations in front of my eyes. I’m thankful for Stamford Yoga, Tangerine Hot Power Yoga and WOOM Center for welcoming me into your spaces so warmly this year. I remain in awe of Love by E, and every single order that comes in. Especially to repeat Lovers who come back and purchase again and again. Thank you all so much.

Love by E will face some changes in its fourth year. I will not be releasing another Inspired Collection, unfortunately these collections are expensive to release and as so much of my work is custom or one of a kind pieces, the Inspired Collection often comes at a  cost to Love and I’ve decided to let it go. I adore working with inspiring women and donating to worthy causes. I will certainly be exploring new ways to do both and can’t wait to show you what I come up with!

In the coming months I’ll be releasing many one of a kind mala and gemstone jewelry. I’m also in the midst of designing the next Spiritual Threads collection of hand dyed jewelry. As usual I’ll be available for custom work and love collaborating with you to make your perfect mala.

Finally, as a thank you and as my annual tradition, save 25% on all orders placed through May 3rd with coupon code happybirthday (coupon expires at midnight on May 4th).

Thank you Lovers, I am a lucky woman and I owe it to you!

Black Friday Weekend is Almost Here!

Thanksgiving is just around the corner (less than a week, are you kidding 2017?)! That means Black Friday is almost here, too. I love Black Friday because it means I get to say “thank you!” to the amazing community who supports Love by E. (Psst….that means you!)

This Black Friday Weekend Save 20% on All Order PLUS FREE SHIPPING


Any Order of $250 or more receives a FREE Mini Mala (21 Beads, Adjustable Closure)

Use Code :: thanks2017 at checkout to receive your discount! Mini Malas are added automatically to qualifying orders.

I’m still Inspired!

The Inspired Collection was one of the greatest ideas I’ve brought to Love by E. It’s a way for me to honor strong women, the women who keep me going in one way or another when I need to be uplifted; sometimes when I need to be straight carried through.

In 2015 I launched Inspired with malas codesigned with 9 teachers who were mentors and role models to me as a Yogi. Many of you reading this may have discovered me through one of these wonderful women who mean so much to me. The first Inspired Collection was a huge success!

Next month I am relaunching Inspired with some of these mentors as well as many new amazing women that I just can’t WAIT to introduce you to. Each has come up with a sweet and thoughtful mala with me, and in a few weeks I’ll be showing you what I’m up to! Make sure you’re on my email list if you want to be the first to know!

In the meantime… There are only three designs still in stock from the first Inspired Collection! These are actually some of the best selling pieces, the Purpose Mala, the Connection Mala, and the Earth Three Quarter Mala. I simply happen to have a few supplies left for these! There are only one or two of each design, and they are deeply discounted while they last. See these beauties and purchase here.

And take a moment to comment below and tell me who or what you are inspired by!!

So much love,


Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution with a Custom Mala and Oil Blend

Another year has passed, and we find ourselves facing our goals and intentions for the new year once again. This can be a really inspiring time when the seeds for your dreams are planted. Here ate Love Headquarters, I believe in the power of setting intention, and the practice of pursuing it.

Crystals, Essential Oils and Meditation are incredible tools to help you achieve your dreams. It’s all about focus and reminding yourself of your goal, as well as your own incredible power to reach it. I’ve been dreaming of even better ways to help you stay focused on your own intentions, and I’m pleased to present you with an opportunity to merge these powerful tools!

This month (January 2017), each and every custom mala order will include an essential oil blend in organic jojoba oil ready to roll on. I will personally use my knowledge and love of essential oils to craft a unique blend just for you, one that supports the intention we set for your mala beads. When you are meditating with your mala, you can roll on your oil to bring you even deeper into a luxurious and sensual meditation experience. When you are not on your cushion, use your oil to remind you of your practice and your intentions. Each oil is blessed in a New or Full Moon to increase the energy and magick.

I would love to talk to you more about your own custom mala beads for 2017, reach me right here for more info.


Are you thinking holiday yet?

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September always used to seem like way too soon to be thinking about holiday, until I started Love by E! The last few months of the year have become a beautiful whirlwind at Love headquarters. I know we all want to avoid holiday overwhelm, whether it’s in our professional or personal lives. So, this year I’m doing things a bit differently and it will make it easier for you to shop Love this holiday for friends and family, or for yourself!

I’ll be producing lots of pieces between now and the end of the year and updating the shop weekly. Check in to see what’s new as many of the mala I’ll be making will be unique designs that may not be repeatable if your favorite sells. Of course, feel free to reach out if you miss a piece and I’ll work with you to create something inspired by that design just for you.

Self Love Mala Available Now
Soft Heart Mala Available 09/22
Soft Heart Mala Available 09/22

Custom mala make such a thoughtful and special gift for the women in your life, and I am honored each time someone trusts me to create such a heartfelt gift. If you’re thinking of giving a custom mala as a gift this year there is no time too soon. As the season gets busier custom orders may take longer to process and create. I will always do my best to help you meet your deadline, but I can’t guarantee timing on orders placed with less then 3 weeks window. Let’s work together to leave lots of space and ease in the process.

Enjoy this transitional season as summer turns to fall and we have a chance to refresh and set our intentions anew.