recently, i’m obsessed with ferns

My boyfriend woke up and turned to me, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing baby?" I always wake up before him.

"You're just staring at the walls."

"Ohhhhhh, I'm sorry. I'm staring at my plants."

Ferns, actually. I was blissfully and loving staring off into the fronds of my fern collection. I do that a lot these days. It happened slowly, and then all at once. Thrilled to be living alone again after a decade of roommates, I picked out a couple of geraniums at my Mother's suggestion and she gifted them to me.

It took about a year for them to bloom again, and in that time they taught me so much that I didn't even realize I had wanted to learn. I fell in love with green leaves in my apartment. I caught the plant lady bug.

I happened to see a post one day on Catland's instagram page about a witching herb sale. This baby Lemon Button Fern (or fishbone fern) was my one non-herb purchase. It just charmed me.

And as I sank into loving plants, I really jumped into loving ferns.

Ferns have been around since the time of the dinosaurs, I think that's incredible. They grow in lovely curves and arches and they remind me of how joyful it can be just to follow the path and allow it to take me up and down without worry.

I find myself spontaneously meditating with my plants. I sit in front of them breathing and think of the exchange happening.

Caregiver and air cleaner, teacher and student, carbon dioxide and oxygen, them and me. It feels soothing. I'm so pleased to have welcomed my new house plants, and I continue to do my best to care for them.

So far I have learned that I will always tend to overwater. Just as I tend to be overly attentive (sometimes to a point of detriment) in any other area. I mist daily and water every 3-4 days, although I'm trying to cut that back to 5 to see if they are happier this way. Every plant and situation is unique, I do as much reading as I can but I also find I must sit and observe each plant each day and see if they are happy with their environment.

I may lose one or two along the way, but so far we are all growing together in good health. It's wonderful to be able to learn and observe earth right in my apartment and I look forward to growth as an apartment gardener.

How do you bring nature into your living space? What benefits have you noticed? I'd love to hear from you!

What I didn’t know three years ago.

Three years ago I didn’t know what it felt like to sell something I created with my hands.

I didn’t know that I was lost when I wasn’t making something beautiful.

I didn’t know that I was scared, sad, alone. I didn’t.

I didn’t know that people admired me.

I didn’t know that I could create something for someone I didn’t know and that it would be incredibly meaningful to them.

I didn’t know the incredible feeling of building a business from scratch. The feeling of clawing and scraping without any clue of what to do.

I didn’t know what it would feel like to figure it out one piece at a time and to find the right people who could guide me.

I didn’t know the fucking amazing feeling of watching it grow. Knowing it’s growing on my back and my blood, sweat and tears – And not only that, but feeling it must also have its own life and heart.

I didn’t know, and couldn’t have imagined, the path and the opportunities that would arise.

I didn’t know how much I loved working with yoga and meditation studios to create a piece specifically for their communities. (Seriously, that is one of my favorite things!)

I certainly didn’t know that strangers would start recognizing me because of my mala and tell me that they owned one of my pieces. (WOW!)

I didn’t know that I was as powerful and creative and intuitive as I am. I went to art school and I somehow forgot I am an artist.

Love by E gave me all of these things and so much more.

This beautiful business of mine, which I am so proud of, has taught me so much about myself and about this world; how lovely it is and how special it is to connect with each other through creative expression.

Three years ago, on May 1, 2014, when I launched my website and Stranded, a collection of 9 malas, I thought I was giving something a try. I thought I was going to sell a couple of mala a month for students or friends. I thought I would try, but I thought I might fail.

I didn’t know.

Three years later and Love by E is still a baby business. And I can’t wait to see where it grows, and where I grow in the years to come. I am grateful every single day for the privilege of this work. My work both as a yoga teacher for the last 11 years and this new layer of my being. I am so grateful for the space that allows me to be me.

I am especially grateful to every one of you who supports Love by E, and thus supports me! Whether you’ve bought from me many times before or you are just wandering onto this site for the first time, your presence and your energy contribute and I could not do this without you.

With a deep bow and my utmost respect, Thank you.


I’m still Inspired!

The Inspired Collection was one of the greatest ideas I’ve brought to Love by E. It’s a way for me to honor strong women, the women who keep me going in one way or another when I need to be uplifted; sometimes when I need to be straight carried through.

In 2015 I launched Inspired with malas codesigned with 9 teachers who were mentors and role models to me as a Yogi. Many of you reading this may have discovered me through one of these wonderful women who mean so much to me. The first Inspired Collection was a huge success!

Next month I am relaunching Inspired with some of these mentors as well as many new amazing women that I just can’t WAIT to introduce you to. Each has come up with a sweet and thoughtful mala with me, and in a few weeks I’ll be showing you what I’m up to! Make sure you’re on my email list if you want to be the first to know!

In the meantime… There are only three designs still in stock from the first Inspired Collection! These are actually some of the best selling pieces, the Purpose Mala, the Connection Mala, and the Earth Three Quarter Mala. I simply happen to have a few supplies left for these! There are only one or two of each design, and they are deeply discounted while they last. See these beauties and purchase here.

And take a moment to comment below and tell me who or what you are inspired by!!

So much love,


ritual for the new moon

Ritual has been a part of my life for a long time. As curious middle schoolers, my friends and I blessed wood with milk and honey. In high school I began meditation as ritual. The practice felt special and secret to me for a long time. The repetition of mantra, and focus, became a soothing source of familiarity.

I find my life now includes many rituals and practices that keep me feeling close to my own intentions, dreams, and commitments. I believe that anything we do can become a sacred ritual, when we do it with our full attention. I also experience the power of spending a few minutes (or perhaps more than a few) creating a special atmosphere, consciously setting intention, and sitting for contemplative meditation. When I plan a ritual, I draw from the many influences in my own education; paganism, astrology, crystal healing, aromatherapy, yoga, buddhism and intuitive reading. When I create a ritual for another, I seek to blend my own experience and education with theirs. Through conversation and collaboration we create something that feels authentic and meaningful to that person.

If you are new to the idea of performing rituals, a great way to start (in the comfort of your own home) is with the Lunar Cycles. In simple terms, the Full Moon is a time to release and let go. A good time to practice anything that feels clearing to you. The New Moon is a time for building, manifesting, creating. The perfect time to set an intention for the cycle to come.

Ritual for Intention Setting on a New Moon

Here I’m including a simple ritual you can do for the New Moon (the next is March 27, 2017) ::

  1. Gather items :: white candle, crystal quartz, inspiration cards, mala beads, blank paper and pen, sage, dish for burning paper, lighter or matches, lavender oil*
  2. Set the Tone :: Tidy the room that you plan to be in, you can also choose to be outside in a safe and quiet space, indoors is fine too! When possible, choose a place with a good view of the night sky.
  3. Build your Altar :: Arrange your objects in front of you in a pleasing way. The crystal quartz should be at the center of your arrangement, you don’t want to have to leave your ritual once you begin to grab anything, you also don’t want anything extra in your space while practicing.
  4. Begin :: Light your sage and use it to draw a circle around yourself and the area of your altar, you can walk three times around the perimeter or use your arm to circle it depending on the size of your space.
  5. Anoint :: Use the lavender oil on your pulse points (neck and wrists). Hold your hands in front of your face and take 5 deep breaths
  6. Manifest :: Write your intention for this lunar cycle on your piece of paper, it could be one word or many, write from your heart and you will know what to say.
  7. Initiate :: Light the white candle. Use the white candle to light your paper (with intention) on fire and burn it in your fire-safe dish.
  8. Meditate :: Sit comfortably with a soft gaze on the flame of the candle. Breathe deeply, stay connected to your breath while repeating your intention to yourself in your mind. You might contemplate all of the ways you can manifest this intention in all of the areas of your life. Visualize yourself living this way and what it feels like. Stay with your deep breath. Sit for at least 7 minutes, feel free to sit longer.
  9. Closure :: Use your sage stick to circle your space three times once again. Blow out the candle. Clean up your ritual with attention and kindness while drinking a glass of water.

*Essential Oils and Crystals can be substituted based on specific intentions. All of these steps and supplies are also optional. Anything that doesn’t feel authentic to you can be removed or replaced. Anything that feels meaningful to you can be added.

Have you performed this or another New Moon Ritual? Would you like help personalizing this ritual for yourself?

Comment below or reach out at

Much love!


Inspired by :: Elena Brower

The first time I met Elena Brower was at Wanderlust Stratton in 2011. I adored her from that moment to this one and beyond. Her teaching is authentic and real. She isn’t afraid to reveal her process, to change her mind, and she continues to explore and evolve. In the time I have known her she has transitioned from Anusara to Kundalini to Katonah Yoga, and has integrated all she’s learned along the way. I see a lot of my own teaching and my own path in her journey, and I can only hope to become a teacher like Elena in my own future. Elena’s teaching speaks right to me, every time I see her I leave feeling clearer, more motivated and happier.


In 2013 I began Elena’s year long Art of Attention training. Amidst a group of 34 other women discovering themselves and willing to dive into this work, we became a tribe of lovers. The energy that Elena began grew into a family and truly special community that I am honored to continue to be a part of. This is one of her gifts, Elena is able to dream something and then send it out into the world to grow all on it’s own. We all benefit from her sharing, and we all share in our own right.

Community may be the biggest gift I have received as a student of Elena’s. Not only her incredible friendship (she will answer my texts or emails to lend support even as she steps onto an airplane!), but the community that has sprung up through my studentship with Elena. My lady tribe. It was this community that inspired me and supported me as I began Love by E, and so many other monumental moments in my life.


Elena’s contribution to the Inspired collection was designed with community in mind. The Empower Half Mala is for teachers, Clear Quartz to create clarity and hold your highest intention. Rainbow Moonstone and Smoky Quartz for Ajna and Muladhara, your Third Eye and your Root Chakras. For softness and grounding, for teachers and eternal students. 

Thank you, Elena, for being a light that has shown me my way.

Inspired by :: Jean Koerner

I met Jean Koerner when I was 18 years old. It was my first day of 200 hour teacher training in 2006. I had signed up for training based on Alan Finger’s good reputation and a few Google searches, but had never met Jean before.

To say I was inspired is an understatement. I was in love.


I continued on to study with Jean in my 300 Hour teacher training and chose her to be my mentor. Even now, ten years later, Jean is an amazing mentor. I know that I can reach out to her at any time, and that she offers this kind support to any of her students.

Jean’s teachings have shaped me as a teacher, but also as a woman. Her elegance and clarity are something I still emulate to this day. Jean is creative and loving, in fact, she has her own gorgeous line of jewelry, Gems that Heal.

Our common passions have made us close as student and mentor, as well as friends. Her energy feeds me every time I am lucky enough to be in her presence. I am beyond grateful to know her.


Together, Jean and I designed the Awareness Mala. A lovely 108 bead mala made with Cape Amethyst, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz and Rose Gold Plated details. Strung on deep purple silk with a handmade silk tassel, this mala will connect you to your Third Eye Chakra as well as your feminine grace.

The Awareness Mala was inspired by the awareness Jean cultivates as a teacher. Her practices take you into your own body with clarity and kindness.

Inspired by :: Sarah Finger

the Inspired Collection features mala beads inspired by Elizabeth’s teachers and mentors in the yoga community. Each of these women has played a special part in Elizabeth’s journey, read more here

I remember meeting Sarah Finger (then Sarah Platt) in 2006. It was the very first day of my first 200 Hour Teacher Training at Be Yoga (on the cusp of becoming YogaWorks Union Square). She was assisting the training (with Chrissy Carter led by Jean Koerner!). I swear she looks exactly the same almost 10 years later.

Sarah is elegant and defines inspiration. Currently, as co-founder of ISHTA Yoga in Manhattan (with her incredible husband, YogiRaj Alan Finger), Sarah leads trainings, workshops and retreats around the world. She teaches and mentors many students in New York City, and does so with grace and kindness.

Her practice is something to behold. I have always been amazed at how simply and smoothly she is able to transition through inversions, arm balances and deep backbends. Making postures seem effortless even when they are incredibly difficult. Combined with the sheer delight of seeing Sarah’s adorable daughter Satya hop in for photo fun, Sarah’s Instagram is one of my absolute favorites.


One of the reasons I am so grateful for social media is because it keeps me connected to nearly all of the teachers in my history. As my teaching began, Sarah’s blossomed and it’s been Inspiring to me to see her gain the recognition she deserves as an amazing teacher and mother.

Sarah and I designed the Connection Mala together.


Her intention as a teacher is connection both inward and outward. She guides her students to experience intimacy through yoga, intimacy with ourselves that allows us to be intimate with others. She is resonating with the third chakra, Manipura, which relates to empowerment and manifestation.

Citrine is a third chakra stone. It helps us manifest abundance and empowerment. Citrine also opens and balances the crown chakra, which connects us to universal intelligence and to all life. With all of this opening and shifting, Smoky Quartz grounds us in the root and keeps us steady.

If I am lucky, I will be a teacher and mother like Sarah one day. In the meantime, I am thrilled to know her and feel her presence in my life.

Introducing :: The Inspired Collection

I’ve been sitting on some truly big news for MONTHS now, and I am SO happy I can finally tell you about the Inspired Collection, launching June 15!

the Divine Feminine Necklace, one of the pieces available as part of the Inspired Collection

This super special collection of mala beads, wrist wraps and precious wire necklaces is in line with my usual obsession with high quality gems and beautiful things; AND, this collection has a special twist! Each of the Mala and Half Mala beads included in the collection were co-designed and inspired by the amazing yoga teachers who have played important roles in my life.

Without these women, I can ABSOLUTELY share that I would not be where or who I am today. They have each played pivotal roles in shifting my perspective and bringing me home to my own heart. These are my teachers, I can never bow to them humbly enough or express the gratitude that I have for them.

This collection is meant to honor these women and share this immense love in my heart with all of you!

In the coming weeks I’ll be writing in depth about each woman and the part they’ve played in my life (and some sneak previews of the pieces they’ve helped me create!)

For now, wondering who has filled my heart so sweetly? Here’s a list of the Goddesses who have inspired, well, Inspired:

Tiffany Cruikshank 

Chrissy Carter

Jillian Pransky

Cyndi Lee

Elena Brower

Sarah Platt Finger

Katie Braja

Jean Koerner

Erica Jago

(I TOLD you I’m so excited!)

I can not wait to share more with you, including previews and stories about how these women have helped me find myself, become myself and love myself.

Much love,


stranded – inspiration

My first collection is launching May 1, I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been up to! Entitled “Stranded” this collection is brought to you by the dusty color palate of deserts. I love the way sneaky jewel tones make their way into the beauty of canyons and rock. Here are some images that have inspired Stranded. Stay tuned for a preview of the collection, coming soon!