For a long time I have had a quiet dream of hosting yoga specifically for my community of students. Yogis who are interested in my particular blend of yoga. A style that’s been inspired by over 20 years of practice, and 11 years of teaching and studying with devotion.

I also recognize the need for yoga that doesn’t come with the standard industry price tag. There are some truly wonderful yoga studios, and I am continuing to work at two of them! The truth is though, yoga studios cost a lot of money to run and so their classes are a certain cost. My vision was to step outside of this studio model and thus have a lower overhead and be able to offer yoga at a much lower price.

Beginning Monday, I am offering this dream to all of you. I am renting space within Ballet Etude, a dance studio at 509 Westport Ave in Norwalk. It’s right down the street from Whole Foods, right next to Revelution Fitness where I taught and worked out for a long time, right down the street from where I grew up. This model of teaching means that I can charge $15 per class, and offer a discounted $10 drop in for students, school teachers, yoga teachers and non profit employees. I’m starting with two days per week to minimize my financial risk. I plan to add an evening or weekend day as soon as attendance warrants it. See my full schedule of classes and get more info here.

This Community Yoga space is a way for me to say thank you for the support you have always shown to me, and a way to serve people who otherwise would not be able to afford a regular practice with an experienced teacher. It is an honor and a privilege to serve you and I hope to continue our relationship for a long time. I am looking forward to hosting special events and classes with some of the amazing experts in my life.

You can see all of my class times here. Including my classes at the wonderful Tangerine Hot Power Yoga in Downtown Brooklyn (owned by one of my Tribe Sisters, a fellow student of Elena Brower, Tamara Behar who I adore) and Stamford Yoga Center. Stamford Yoga Center, owned by my long time friend Bernadette Birney, has JUST opened. Bernadette is an amazing teacher who has been teaching intelligent and heartfelt yoga in Fairfield County for many years. As a thank you to early members, Bernadette is offering Unlimited Membership for $84 per month for the first 100 students to enroll in this offer. This is an insanely low price for a monthly membership. I am excited to be building community in both of these studios.

My dream is to bring the rich and beautiful teachings that I am experiencing with my teachers in New York City back to all of the people who have helped me get to this point in my career. I am more inspired than ever and being exposed to so many teachers, I am thrilled for all of us to grow together.

I can not say enough Thank Yous to all of you who have reached out, shared, listened, laughed, and supported me. To all of you reading this right now, to all of you who have ever come to a class or workshop or retreat or training with me, to all of you who will come to class in these new spaces with me, to all of you who will never come but may enjoy this entry,

with a deep bow


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