My name is Elizabeth Crisci, my very first love was yoga. When I started practice at age 10 I didn’t really know what was calling me to this tradition. I didn’t know at the time that both my Great Grandmother and my Grandmother on my Mother’s side were also yoga teachers before my birth. More than 20 years after my first yoga class, I see now that their legacy is my legacy.

Freedom is one of my deepest desires and that desire has kept me returning to my mat. Yoga creates freedom for our mind and body. My history with Tantric and Buddhist philosophy (which I started studying in high school and have never stopped) has taught me that freedom is a state of being. Something we create and claim for ourselves.

I believe that when you put your mind towards a goal, with persistence, anything is possible. That’s why my chest tattoo says (in Latin) “Dripping water hollows stone.” My passion is to help people accomplish their goals through this practice. Whatever your purpose, we can all come together and work as individuals that are a part of a community. Like many facets of the same beautiful jewel.

I began my training in 2006 under the expert mentorship of Alan Finger, Jean Koerner, Sarah Platt Finger and Chrissy Carter. After beginning my work in New York City for a few years, I returned to Connecticut where I grew up. There I worked for many years at Kaia Yoga where I met Jillian Pransky and Manorama who have both provided me with much guidance, support and love.

Elena Brower first entered my life during a class at Wanderlust where she gave me a deep assist and a compliment. A year or so later in 2013 I was registering for her 100 Hour Art of Attention Teacher Training. Her mentorship has helped me immensely and taught me much. She inspires me endlessly.

In 2017, I moved back to Brooklyn to nourish my inner artist and student. I began teaching at Tangerine Hot Power Yoga and Stamford Yoga Center, two amazing studios where I am happy to continue offering classes. This year I also made the decision to create a space to share my own deep study in Connecticut. I host classes centered around community at 509 Westport Avenue in Norwalk. These classes include philosophy, yoga, meditation, breath work, essential oils and some nuzzles from Cookie the Frenchie. It is a joy to offer my work in these spaces.

I am so so grateful. Thank you.

connecticut yoga schedule and space are below, for the most communication sign up for my yoga email list

4:00 All Levels at Stamford Yoga Center

3:30 Power Flow at Tangerine Hot Power Yoga

4:00 All Levels at Stamford Yoga Center

9:15 All Levels at Stamford Yoga Center

2:30 Power Flow at Tangerine Hot Power Yoga


yoga, meditation, hiking and make your own mala on Stratton Mountain this August

an intimate retreat for deep introspection and connection.

Thursday August 10 – Sunday August 13

for details and to register

Mantra Mala and Meditation at Tangerine Hot Power Yoga, June 10

Yin Yoga with Reiki and Essential Oils  Elizabeth + Denise Cain

509 Westport Ave, Sunday June 25, 5:30-7:00pm

$45, limited space