I began studying yoga as a child with a gymnastics injury and an interest in mysticism. I didn't realize I was starting a life long journey, I just thought it was fun to move and stretch and that I felt good after class. It was in high school that I started meditating. I was seeking relief from stress and anxiety, like so many of the students that I work with now. I continued these practices through Photography study at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, and during this time did my first teacher training with Alan Finger and Jean Koerner at Be Yoga in 2006. I was seeking information since much of my practice was at home with books and DVDs, instead I found a passion for teaching and studying yoga and my journey as a teacher began.

My appetite for information has never been satiated. Since 2006 I have participated in dozens of trainings as a student, assistant and teacher. I have met some incredible teachers and they have all taught me much. I am so grateful for Alan and Jean, Jillian Pransky, Cyndi Lee, Manorama and for Elena Brower who I have been studying with since 2013 when I attended her Art of Attention 100 Hour Advanced Training. She introduced me to Katonah Yoga, and after returning home to Brooklyn in 2017 I have had the privilege of connecting with Abbie Galvin at the Studio where I've continued learning this wonderful method.

My classes are an evolution of my own study. I bring everything that inspires me to the mat and to my students. My teaching is very precise and practical with a flair for the mystical. I'll gladly teach you about the Full Moon and your Pelvic Floor. I am so thankful to live a life that keeps me inspired and to continue meeting incredible students and teachers. Thank you.

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Weekly Schedule

Tangerine Hot Power Yoga
Tuesday 5:15pm Power Flow
Saturday 8:00am Power Flow
Sunday 5:15pm Flow and Restore

WOOM Center
Tuesday 10am WOOOM Yoga Experience
Wednesday 4pm WOOM Yoga Experience
Thursday 4pm WOOM Yoga Experience

Private Yoga

I am so grateful for the amazing private clients I work with both in Fairfield County, CT and New York City. I've seen incredible transformation in students who devote themselves to an alignment based practice.

Currently I'm available in CT on Mondays and Fridays with flexibility for regular clients on other days.

contact me here to set up a one on one or group private session.