Cookie and the Essential Oil Blend for Bravery

Cookie came into my life at one of my darkest moments. My first dog, Preston, was tragically hit by a car and instantly taken from me many years before his life should have ended. While grieving for him, I started looking for another dog. I knew that I wanted a bulldog. My brother has a wonderful French Bulldog, Willow, who had been Preston’s best friend and a wonderful ambassador for her breed. I also knew that I had to rescue, and that rescuing a Bulldog (either French or English) is quite a feat. These are dogs that are “desirable” and usually spend just moments on pet finder before having many hundred applications.

I figured that it would take a long time and the Universe would provide me my next dog when I was ready. I sent out one or two applications. The next day, by a miracle, I got a phone call from The Simon Foundation in Bloomsfield, CT. I was approved for adoption and they had TWO Frenchies that I could meet the next day. From the moment Cookie came leaping and snorting into the room, I knew she was my girl.

Cookie was about 11 months old when she came home. She had been in the shelter for 3-4 weeks being treated for mange and a belly infection, being spayed and getting her shots. Prior to arriving at the shelter, Cookie spent her life in a puppy mill in Ohio. She was being held to become a breeder, like her mother, to spend 5 or 6 years being bred over and over and live in a small cage with no love or affection and very little care. Cookie and several other Frenchies were saved from this mill because they developed Mange and other health problems that the mill did not want to bother treating.

It has been a real joy to see Cookie blossom and thrive with care and attention from a loving Mom. Still, she has a lot of nervousness and anxiety in new situations and is sometimes fearful to a point of freezing. Cookie also has a lot of separation anxiety and sometimes struggles when it’s time for me to go. (It’s pretty lucky for her that her Mom works from home so much). I turned to essential oils to help because I have used them for so many years to help calm my own nerves and provide energetic balance throughout the day.

Cookie is a very expressive girl, if she smells something she doesn’t like she will sniffle and snort and turn her nose up! (And her least favorite smell is, Cinnamon!) When she smells something she does like, she also makes that clear either by becoming very calm, or very interested and bright. Through many months of experimenting, Cookie and I came up with a blend that works like a charm to calm her nerves.

Cookie’s Blend┬áis made with Lavender, Vetiver and White Fir. These oils are known for their properties of being grounding, calming and soothing. This is a great blend for when you are feeling anxious, during meditation or yoga, during relaxation, and for sleep. The scent is pleasant, heavy woods balanced by the lighter floral scent of Lavender, I consider it a unisex blend.

I made this blend for humans, but I do use it on Cookie by rubbing it in my palms and then running my hands through her fur. This adds the scent to her fur in a more diluted way and also softens her fur. Before using any oils on your dog, let your dog smell the oil and see how they react. Wear the oil yourself for a few days so they can get used to the smell. This oil is not meant to treat severe anxiety or other illnesses. Please speak with your doctor (or your vet!) in serious cases.

The experience of creating this blend with Cookie was so rewarding and inspiring that I’ve decided to start sharing my essential oil blends in my shop. I’ll be adding a new blend each month for a different purpose. I’m using Organic Jojoba Oil as a carrier, which is great for your skin! I use super high quality doTerra essential oils in my blend. They are my very favorite oils and I am happy to talk to you more about these oils, or offer you a custom oil blend!

What’s your experience working with essential oils? Have you tried essential oils for calming? I’d love to hear from you below!

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