root to crown mala


Black Tourmaline and Smoky Quartz are Earthy stones of the Root Chakra, while Opal and Snow Quartz vibrate with a high Crown frequency. This mala is about the journey, the expanse, going from the ground up and getting there. This mala will protect you as well as keep you open to continual learning, perfect for teachers or eternal students.

materials :: 8mm blend of snow quartz, black tourmaline and smoky quartz,  dendritic opal arrowhead pendant,  black agate guru bead, silk thread

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One of a Kind Love by E Mala are inspired by yogic teachings, the natural beauty of the gemstones, and their vibrational properties. The balance of the aesthetics as well as the energetic balance of the piece are considered. Every mala comes with one year of repairs included. If breaks occur in this first year contact me to arrange a repair.


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