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This mala was created in the Signature Style of Lola’s brand, Essential Adornments. Like Lola’s jewelry, this piece diffuses your favorite essential oil on the Black Lava beads on the nape of the neck. This is a Chinese Medicine Aromatherapy point for balancing our nervous system and amplifying the benefits of your essential oils. Add a drop or two to the Black Lava beads and your body heat will diffuse the oil throughout the day. This Mala is made with Graywood and Labradorite, for manifesting your dreams and finding your guiding light and motivation. It is finished with a Love by E Spiritual Threads Tassel. The cotton in this tassel has been hand dyed with natural dye extract, each tassel may contain slight variation making each mala unique and special.

A portion of proceeds from this mala benefit Planned Parenthood.


The Inspired Collection comes from my desire to honor women who have served as mentors and guides to me in some way. Whether they have been deeply involved in my evolution or have acted as lights in the distance that helped me find my own path. I also use this special collaborative effort with some of my favorite women to give back. Fifteen percent of the profit from each special Mala sold in this collection is donated to a charity of the Inspirational Woman’s choosing.

Lola Richards is the Owner and Designer behind Essential Adornment, an essential oil diffusing jewelry brand. She is more than a dear friend to me, she motivates and inspires my brand to move forward. Lola has over a decade of experience in jewelry design and sales and has helped me grow my business many times. She is a wealth of knowledge for small business owners and fosters local community in Fairfield County, CT. You can often find us live together sharing space at festivals and events, having a great time elevating each other.

Lola has chosen to donate to Planned Parenthood, a 100 year old organization dedicated to empowering women to lead strong, healthy lives. Planned Parenthood is a health care provider an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world.


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