ellie burrows, mndfl ed


Ellie’s Mala is grounding and protecting Black Tourmaline with an infusion of Divinity added via Grey Moonstone and Champagne Quartz. Perfect for the spiritual seeker with a chic sense of style and an urban address.

A portion of proceeds from this mala benefit MNDFL Ed.


The Inspired Collection comes from my desire to honor women who have served as mentors and guides to me in some way. Whether they have been deeply involved in my evolution or have acted as lights in the distance that helped me find my own path. I also use this special collaborative effort with some of my favorite women to give back. Fifteen percent of the profit from each special Mala sold in this collection is donated to a charity of the Inspirational Woman’s choosing.

I met Ellie Burrows more recently, just as she was opening her first incredible meditation studio, M N D F L. In addition to being CEO of MNDFL, Ellie is a Storyteller, Seeker, and Guide. Her practice is rooted in Vedic teachings, and upon meeting her you can tell she herself has been imbued with mystic energy. It was a joy and an honor to collaborate with her on MNDFL’s signature custom mala, exclusively available through the studio. This project was Love’s first venture into custom design for a community rather than an individual and launched a new facet of my business. Our partnership remains incredibly meaningful to me.

A portion of profits from this mala will be donated to MNDFL Ed, MNDFL’s non-profit arm. MNDFL Ed aims to make meditation accessible to New York City children and youth, and under-resourced school communities.



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