What does it mean when a mala breaks?

If you have ever had a treasured mala, the chances are very high that you’ve also had a mala break. Knotted silk is quite strong, but is still at the end of the day, thread, which is vulnerable. I’ve always thought the vulnerability of fiber art is what makes it so beautiful. Thread is delicate, but woven and knotted it can become much stronger. Still, the sharp edges of the beads over time will wear thin spots into the silk and eventually, all mala will break if they are worn and used.┬áSo, what does it mean when a mala breaks?

Traditionally, it is said that when a mala breaks it means you have completed a cycle in your life. The energy of that stone, that mantra, that particular mala is no longer necessary. Traditionally, you should actually let go of your mala at this time and find a new one for your next cycle. That idea is heartbreaking to some, and I totally get it, some mala are precious to us and we never want to let them go.

Personally, if one of my own mala breaks, I usually redesign it and create another similar but new piece from the old one. Some of my clients prefer to have their pieces restrung exactly the same. In this case, it’s recommended that one or two beads be swapped out in order to create a subtle difference in the mala.

What happens if your Love by E mala breaks? Well, if it’s been less than a year since you purchased it, I will restring it for you for free! I’ll swap out one or two beads of the same material when possible. If you want to redesign and restring, there is a small fee for design time and any new materials. If it’s been more than a year since you have purchased your mala, I am happy to restring it for a repair fee.

Tassels and pendants are not covered under this guarantee, but can be repaired for a small fee as necessary (the cost of repairs depends on what’s necessary to repair the piece as well as cost of materials where applicable.)

In any case, reach out to me directly at elizabeth@love-by-e.com if any of your mala need to be restrung, redesigned or invigorated with new life.

And here is to the next phase of your journey.

Much love


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